Mentat is electronic music producer Oliver Quinlan, from the UK and currently based in East London. Mental tracks are dark, but emotive, with twisted sounds but always a melodic edge.

From working with four track cassette recorders and disassembled instruments as a teen to modular synths and software these days, Oliver is always after unique sounds and atmospheres. He started exploring synths as a teenager, saving up money from a Saturday job to buy rack synths he would programme with friends in the corner of the school common room – challenging each other to make the most otherworldly sounds. Tweaking and building equipment is an important theme, with Mentat tracks often run though a home built compressor housed in a case made from an old X Box. Recent experiments have centred on building a modular synth based on combining and shaping random sources into organic melodies and sequences.

In a previous musical life Oliver was one half of sample based electronic act ‘Mysterons’, remixing indie dance acts like Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and Post War Years, and DJing in support of Foals and Pendulum. Following a break from music working as a writer and researcher Oliver has returned to making the warm, electronic dance music that first got him into making music through bands like Orbital and Underworld.

Contact mentat@mentatmusic.com