Mentat Mix 5

Mix 5 cover, a track in a forest with sunset

Mentat Mix 5 is out now. A DJ mix of deep and melodic house and techno featuring tracks by henry Saiz, SCB, GHEIST, Khen and Peter Shik.

The mix kicks off with the gorgeous new track from Henry Saiz, with …

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Mentat Mix is a regular deep, melodic house and techno mix. Featuring new tracks, classics, and exclusive Mentat material. Previous mixes have featured tracks from Sasha, Adriatique, Anna, Tiger Stripes, Holden, Spada, Eli & Fur and Max Cooper.

Mentat Mix …

Why build a (eurorack) modular synth?

A eurorack synth

Modular synths seem to be popping up everywhere, from interviews with big artists to synth YouTubers. They look impressive, but in these days of cheap and practically unlimited software synths, why are people turning to relatively expensive and cumbersome hardware?…