Watch my live modular set recorded at Electric Offense

My live modular set performed at the Electric Offense VR Club is now online to watch. It’s a 45 minute set of my own tracks is fully live and improvised on my all hardware setup, including my Eurorack system, Sequentix Cirklon and Elektron Digitone.

Watch the set over on YouTube here.

I’ve been developing my live set since the start of 2020. Originally I had planned to take it live ‘in person’ by the summer. While the pandemic made any such gigs impossible, it gave me lots of time to practice and opened up some new opportunities for sharing music online.

Belgian electronic music promoters Electric Offense took the situation as an invitation to be innovative and run live shows from virtual reality club they created in Mozilla Hubs. Their curator With:Lov has already been supporting my music on her radio show and invited me to play a full live set at their event in August.

The VR club is a really nice concept. You can log on with any device and walk around the club, enjoy the music with the act on a big screen/stage in the middle of the club, and talk to other people when you move close to them in the space. If you’ve got a VR system you can immerse yourself fully and even have a dance.

It was great fun to play this new type of event, and I enjoyed sharing lots of new music and improvising with my live system. I’ll keep you posted of future opportunities to join me live, whether online or face to face as things develop.

You can watch the fill 45 minute set on YouTube here.