Mentat Mix 2

Time for the next instalment of my mix series, bringing together the recent deep, progressive and melodic sounds I’ve been into. Plenty of new stuff in here, including the first play of one of my own tracks, and a few older classics for good measure.

Kicking off with Barker’s ambient euphoria, it quickly moves into some chugging grooves from Blondish and Super Flu, before one of my top tracks of the last few months from Aether, bringing building, glitchy melodies.  German Brigante and Henry Saiz come together for an update on a hypnotic classic, then the mix goes a bit more driving with the fantastic Pablo Bolivar remix of Pablo Sanchez, leading towards a new one from myself. KiNK takes it up a gear before the mix breaks into a real classic from Holden, simmering back down to eventually revisit the full emotions of Barker, back where we started.

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Barker – Look How Hard I’ve Tried

Blondish – Lucy’s Affair

Super Flu – Doppt

Aether – Endeavour

Hammer – C Space

German Brigante – Mango

Henry Saiz – I Can Feel It Coming

Pablo Sanchez – Daydream (Pablo Bolivar Remix)

Kölsch & Tiga – HAL

Mentat – East

KiNK – Five

Holden – The Wheel

Tony Lionni – This Feeling

Barker – Look How Hard I’ve Tried

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