Inside (Live)

Here’s the next of my live jam videos, a track called ‘Inside’. I’ve been working on developing a way of playing live with a modular synth, allowing for improvisation and spontaneous jams of new material. More to come, and I’ll …

Solace (Live)

For the last couple of months I’ve been developing an approach to playing live, on a modular synth setup that allows for improvisation. This is the first complete jam I’ve recorded, a track I call ‘Solace’.

You can download the

Mentat Mix 13

Mix 13 cover

Mentat Mix 13 is out now, featuring an hour long mix of deep and melodic techno and house. Mix 13 features two of my remixes that recently came out, the twisted groove of QuiQui’s ‘Dukkha’ on Amber Blue and the …

QuiQui Remix out now

My remix of QuiQui’s Dukkha is out now on Amber Blue Recordings, their first release of 2020. You can get it on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and many  other platforms here.

The original ‘Dukkha’ is a dark, brooding and minimal. …

Mentat Mix 12

Mentat Mix 12 cover

Mentat Mix 12 is online, featuring deep and melodic techno and house. This time I’m including my new track ‘June’ which just came out on Traum, as well as a number of other favourites from the ‘Tour De Traum XVIII’ …

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