Blame Your Genes remix out now on Traum Schallplatten

My remix of Blame your Genes’ ‘The Moment’ is out now on Traum Schallplatten. You can stream and download it on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and many  other platforms here.

‘Planets’ is a strong EP from Blame Your Genes, and the insistent melodies of ‘The Moment’ are a highlight for me. I stretched the track out for more of a progressive, club feel, using the bridge from the original to build the tension until the original main melody breaks, augmented with some of my own melodies and sequences. One of my more euphoric productions, I aimed for my remix to take the track somewhere new, but with a good dose of nostalgia for melodic club music past.

Stream and download the ‘Planets’ EP including my remix on Spotify, Beatport, iTunes and all the usual platforms here.

The label says:

“The Moment” is right away from the beginning an overwhelming avalanche of sound and vocals coming at you. This track seems to make love with tons of pop music songs at the same time and creates a blur of melodies which stick to your memory like a numb feeling the day after a long exuberant party.

The London based artist Mentat known for his Tour De Traum contributions, has remixed “The Moment” for all of you who like a track to be spread out and connected to the dance floor, check out his epic 8 minute soulful rework off the track