Out now: Cortexmaltex – Metamorphose (Mentat Remix)

Another new remix from me, this time of emerging French techno producer Cortexmaltex, on Traum Schallplatten. Stream and download it now.

I really like the original track, but I’ve got to be honest it was one of the harder remixes I’ve done. Why? I think the track has such a strong and driving theme that it took me a while to find how to reinterpret it into something different while keeping some aspects of the original. I’m never that up for making a remix that is too similar to the original, but I also like to have the original elements shining through as well. I see remixing as doing what I would have done if I came up with the same riffs for an original track of mine.
In the end I took one of the subtler riffs from the original, tuned the vocals a bit to make them emphasise a more melodic angle, and then built up something more emotional and minimal from what is a pretty driving and upbeat original.

Stream and download my Cortexmaltex remix now here