Out now: Flight on Cirrus Sounds

Cover for Flight by Mentat with clouds in background

My new single Flight is out now, for streaming and download on all major platforms, and on my bandcamp page. Stream and download it here.

Flight is a melodic musing on travel, that feeling when you are at once moving through the world and also lost in your own world. The mixed melancholy and elation of leaving the familiar and heading towards the new.

A chugging synth arpeggio provides the momentum, with haunting echoes and melodies turning this movement back in on itself as the track progresses to a rolling climax.

Flight is the first release on my new label Cirrus Sounds. I started this label as an outlet for my own melodic dance floor tracks, with a focus on experimental sounds and atmospheric melodies.

Stream and download Flight now on all major platforms and on my bandcamp.