Out now: Marble on Tour De Traum #tourdetraum

My new track Marble is out now on Traum Schallplatten as part of the Tour De Traum XVI compilation. You can get it on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and many other platforms here.

Tour De Traum XVI is celebrating 20 years of the Traum Schallplatten label, and features new tracks from newcomers and established artists as well as classics from the two decades of the label.

Marble is a deep, atmospheric techno track that twists and turns through the echoes of raves past. It’s my take on the euphoric but introspective feeling you get when looking back at good times past. It’s me reminiscing about the excitement of my first early discoveries of dance music, filtered through a modern lens.

Check out the preview below and head here for the full track and the rest of the release.

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