Out now on Poker Flat: Tim Engelhardt – First Contact (Mentat Remix)

Tim Engelhardt Remix cover

My remix of Tim Engelhardt is out now on Poker Flat records. It’s a BandCamp exclusive, you can stream and download it on their site here.

I produced this remix as part of a remix contest that Poker Flat records ran to celebrate 20 years of releases. I really liked the original track, and decided to put my own spin on it by taking it in a deeper, more dreamy direction. I built up the swirling pianos and synth atmospheres before bringing in the original melody, to create something of a sunrise track.

I’m excited my remix ended up being selected in the top 10 and as part of the release. Tim Engelhardt said he thought my remix was the most suprising one, so my efforts to turn it into a really different track while keeping the spirit of the original paid off.

You can listen to the remix in full now, exclusively on BandCamp.

I’ll be sharing one of my breakdown videos soon for those of you interested in how I made it.

Preview of the track: