Mentat Mix 9

Cover for the mix

Mentat Mix 9 is here. A deep and melodic mix of techno and house featuring tracks by N’to, James Grant & Jody Wisternoff, Lake People and my new track ‘Entropy’.

The mix starts on a deep and atmospheric vibe with …

Mentat Mix 7

Mentat Mix 7 is here, a mix of deep and melodic techno and house featuring tracks from Radio Slave, Robert Babicz, ROWA, Koelle and Barry Jamieson.

The mix kicks off with the mesmerising Radio Slave remix of Charlotte Gainsbourg, building …

Mentat Mix 6

Mentat Mix 6 is online now. A mixtape of deep and melodic house and techno featuring tracks by Monkey Safari, Clarian, Dosem and Pig&Dan.

The hypnotic RJL track from Rodriguez Jr. and Liset Alea opens this mix, moving into melodic …

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