Integrate (Live)

Integrate is out now, a new live jam on my modular system. This track takes things in a darker, more progressive direction influenced by a live DJ set from Patrice Baumel I tuned into last week. As ever, it’s all …

Solace (Live)

For the last couple of months I’ve been developing an approach to playing live, on a modular synth setup that allows for improvisation. This is the first complete jam I’ve recorded, a track I call ‘Solace’.

You can download the

Why build a (eurorack) modular synth?

A eurorack synth

Modular synths seem to be popping up everywhere, from interviews with big artists to synth YouTubers. They look impressive, but in these days of cheap and practically unlimited software synths, why are people turning to relatively expensive and cumbersome hardware?…

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