Out now: Running on Cirrus Sounds

Record cover image for the release 'Running' by Mentat. The background image is a snowy landscape with tall, thin pine trees.

I’ve got more new music out this week, and you can hear it now on all the usual streaming and download platforms.

A chunky groove and pulsing modular synths give way to hypnotic melodies. An epic build up is just around the corner with tense chords breaking into a moment of clarity.

Running was the first track I made when I started the ‘Mentat’ project. It’s been through many iterations since then. I never did anything with it, but I always really liked it. Recently I came back to it and thought I’d re work it and put it out on my own label, Cirrus Sounds.

Click here to hear Running now on all music services.

This is the last of a run of tracks I’ve been releasing this summer. I’ve not got any more lined up for now, so it’s probably the last one for a while. At the moment I am mostly working on developing my live music with my modular synth system. You can find some jams I’ve been sharing on my Instagram, and some live stuff is probably what you can expect to hear next from me.

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