Live modular gig in a VR club for Electric Offense

Electric Offense Flyer

I’m playing my first live set with my hardware synth setup in a virtual reality club this coming Saturday (15th August) for Electric Offense. I’ll be playing a 45 minute set, all live and semi-improvised on my modular synth based setup.

Join the event on Facebook to take part, or see more links below

My live set brings my deep, melodic techno and house sound to a spontaneous live setting. I’m performing based primarily on my modular synthesiser system, and keeping things fully live and improvised. I wanted to do something with my live set that captures the spontaneity of jamming with machines, rather than perfect recreations of my studio tracks.  The sound is stripped back and improvised, but keeping things melodic and driving. You can get a flavour of things in my recent modular jam videos on YouTube, but this will be the first time I am playing a full 45 minute set. It’s definitely different to a DJ set, but the aim is to have the same energy and flow but with everything played live.

Electric Offense have run many events in ‘meatspace’ (aka ‘the real world’), but over the lockdowns recently they have developed a virtual club where they have been hosting shows. You can access the club using a normal computer or smartphone, but if you have any VR hardware then you can use that for total immersion in the space. The performance will be streamed into the club from my studio, while people in the crowd can join the space, move around and talk to others in the event. It’s a different vibe to the usual live streams, and worth checking out.

The virtual club during my soundcheck last week.

I’ll be playing at the start of the event, from 3.30pm UK time, 4.30pm CEST, followed by a DJ set from Petra Loosova.

To take part and watch the show:

Join the event on Facebook

Add the event to your calendar

Join the virtual club on the day

Track breakdown: Signs

Thanks for all the support for my track Signs which came out a couple of weeks ago on Traum. I’ve made a breakdown video going through some of how I produced the track.

In the video I go through all of this and the direction I took with the music. It’s a bit of a mixture of some technical insights and some more general thinking about concepts I build into the music and how I approach producing. This includes the initial idea the track came from, a hook that I threw away, the synths and sound design.

Listen to the Tour De Traum release

Stream and download Signs

Mentat Mix visualised

Eyecandy Visual have created a live VJ set to an edit of my most recent DJ mix. The broadcast went out live last Wednesday and you can re-watch now over on Facebook.

The team mix computer generated and live performed visuals to create an atmospheric environment which worked really well for the deep, melodic sound of this mix. The first half of the broadcast is soundtracked by an edit of my recent guest mix for With:Lov, and the second half is an edit of her mix from the same show.

Thanks With:Lov for making the connection and Eyecandy Visual for making this happen.

Watch the video over on Facebook here.


Mentat – June [Traum Schallplatten]

Mentat – Entropy [Traum Schallplatten]

Janus Rasmussen – 14 (Ryan Davis Rework) [Ki Records]

DNYO – Flare (Petar Dundov Remix) [Juicebox Music]

Guest mix on Gems on Saturo Sounds

My recent guest mix for With:Lov’s show on Saturo Sounds is up on mixcloud now. It features a selection of my own tracks and remixes, as well as some recent favourites from producers such as Ejeca, DNYO and James Solace.

Listen to the show now on Mixcloud.


Mentat – June [Traum Schallplatten]

Mentat – Entropy [Traum Schallplatten]

Janus Rasmussen – 14 (Ryan Davis Rework) [Ki Records]

DNYO – Flare (Petar Dundov Remix) [Juicebox Music]

Ejeca – Bends [Balance Music]

Mentat – Marble [Traum Schallplatten]

QuiQui – Dukkha (Mentat Remix) [Amber Blue]

James Solace – Spectral [Last Night on Earth]

Sasha – Ripcord [Last Night on Earth]

Blame Your Genes – The Moment (Mentat Remix) [Traum Schallplatten]

New Live E.P. of modular jams

Live EP cover image

A collection of four semi-improvised live jams, the EP takes my melodic, emotive techno into a stripped back form for a live setting. Each track has an accompanying live video on YouTube, and the EP is available free on Bandcamp.

This EP comes from a love of the roots of electronic music as an interplay between humans and machines, with live experimentation at its heart. This project takes this live approach with a focus on melody and improvisation.

Recorded over the recent lockdown period, the ‘Live EP’ contains four tracks of improvised melodic techno.

You can stream and download the Live E.P. free exclusively on my BandCamp page.

You can watch the live videos over on my YouTube channel.

Dots (live)

My latest live jam is here. ‘Dots’ is more of an acid based groove than my other recent jams. It’s a building groove, bringing the energy up and down without big melodic breakdowns. The kind of thing I’d like to do mid way through a live set.

The set is progressing, and I’ve developed some approaches to getting really improvisational now, as well as playing longer sets. I’ll share more soon, and I am building up to doing a full length live set with this setup.

Download the track free on Bandcamp

 More of my recent live music here


Integrate (Live)

Integrate is out now, a new live jam on my modular system. This track takes things in a darker, more progressive direction influenced by a live DJ set from Patrice Baumel I tuned into last week. As ever, it’s all improvised on the synths with sequences I manipulate live in the Cirklon sequencer.

I’ll share more on my live process soon. I’m developing it at the moment and it’s starting to feel like quite a natural way to play. My next step is to work on transitioning between different tracks, or chapters, and towards a full length live set. More on that soon.

Download free on Bandcamp

More of my live music here.

Inside (Live)

Here’s the next of my live jam videos, a track called ‘Inside’. I’ve been working on developing a way of playing live with a modular synth, allowing for improvisation and spontaneous jams of new material. More to come, and I’ll share some details of how I’m playing soon as well.

You can download the track for free on Bandcamp.

More of my live music here.