Mentat Mix 5

Mix 5 cover, a track in a forest with sunset

Mentat Mix 5 is out now. A DJ mix of deep and melodic house and techno featuring tracks by Henry Saiz, SCB, GHEIST, Khen and Peter Shik.

The mix kicks off with the gorgeous new track from Henry Saiz, with the melodies giving way to the darker groove of Hannes Bieger’s ‘Galeras’. Next comes a standout track from the recent Tour De Traum compilation I released a track on, Peter Shik’s quirky and beguiling ‘Someone Else’. Hammer ups the pace with a remix of SCB’s ‘Test Tubes’ that builds a heavy groove in a melodic direction, before Jesse Somfay and GHEIST take over with some choppy atmospheres. The last third of the mix builds with deeper melodies, taking things to Khen’s infectious Anjunadeep single ‘Closing Doors’ and an epic recent classic from Tim Fishbeck. The last track goes back a few years, to a track that blew me away when I was first discovering the deeper side of progressive house through John Digweed’s mixes in the early 2000s. Pete Moss provides a hypnotic, semi-ambient close to the mix.

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Henry Saiz – Claustrum
Hannes Bieger – Galeras
Peter Shik – Someone Else
SCB – Test Tubes (Hammer Remix)
Jesse Somfay – Faberge
GHEIST – Loewe
Backsvart & Simon Kiosk – Old Souls (Marcus Homm Remix)
Khen – Closing Doors
Tim Fishbeck – People Can Fly (Marc Depulse Remix)
Pete Moss – Strive to Live

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